Anka Bespoke

Video Production

“What we valued the most about working with Matchbox Film Co was their ability to really understand our vision. We are a small family-run business working at the top end of our market so it was essential to get this across in the short film which Matchbox did perfectly!” – Toby Clarke, Sales Director

“When working in the utra-high-end industry it’s important to have a strong brand and be able to show off the quality of your work. The film Matchbox Film Co made for us, and the still images we were able to take from it, have really helped us to do this and designers are always complimenting us on the short film and it’s definitely helped us to gain new clients.

I would 100% recommend Sam and his team at Matchbox Film Co!”

Toby Clarke, Sales Director

Our Work with Anka Bespoke

Shooting at both Anka’s Wiltshire workshop and their Wandsworth Bridge Road showroom in London, the Matchbox Film Co team created a range of different video assets for Anka Bespoke. 

The first video focused on Anka’s craftsmanship and finished products, whilst the second focused on the history and breadth of the Anka Business.