Branded Video Content Production

break through the noise

Branded video content is a fantastic way of engaging with your customers (and potential customers!) in a way that breaks through all the digital noise that consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis. 

Matchbox Film Co creates branded video content to help brands and businesses win the attention and loyalty of prospective buyers – and critically – their spend.

Branded storytelling can entertain, educate or communicate your brand’s values in an authentic and memorable way for the consumer, resulting in better and more meaningful connections to your brand.

Kamado Joe – An Example “Never Settle”

Throughout 2021 and 2022 Matchbox Film Co has been producing video content for premium Ceramic BBQ makers Kamado Joe. The “Never Settle” series tells the stories of professional athletes, chefs, and more who tell us about what fuels them and why they love cooking with Kamado Joe.

England & Exeter Rugby star Jack Nowell talks about his upbringing and the challenges he’s fast as a professional rugby player, all whilst cooking up a feast on his Kamado Joe Classic III.

For Never Settle Episode 1 with Jack Nowell, we created funny micro content of Jack accidentally licking his fingers after having cut chillis (see above) and also included a further piece of micro content in which Jack Nowell discusses his unique tattoos.

Micro Content

Each episode was accompanied by 2x short video trailers as well as various forms of “micro content” to tease the main episodes and also increase the amount of content created from the shoot day.

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