Social Media Video Production

Almost every hero video we create is supported by multiple cut-down versions for use on social media as either organic social media posts, or paid ads.

Case Study: Kamado Joe

Matchbox Film Co works closely with Kamado Joe, creating regular content for the premium BBQ brand for use as paid ads. Here is a selection from a shoot for the Kamado Joe Joe Junior, aimed at keeping ads fresh throughout the year.

Social Case Study: The Jockey Club

Matchbox Film Co created a whole range of different pieces of video content for The Jockey Club’s Hospitality offerings. These were then supported by 15s cut-down versions for use as social media ads.

Case Study: Masterbuilt Charcoal Grills

Matchbox Film Co works closely with Masterbuilt creating lifestyle content and paid ads for use on social media. Here are a few different pieces of content we shot for their Portable Charcoal Grill.

Case Study: The Cotswolds Distillery

Matchbox Film Co created a series of videos for The Cotswolds Distillery to be used across all social media platforms, teaching people how to make the Cotswolds Distillery “perfect serve” drinks.